Where can I buy Peranakan kebaya in Singapore?

What shoes go with kebaya?

The kasut manek is the only form of footwear that a nyonya would wear with her sarong kebaya attire. These beaded mules are backless shoes in low, high or chunky heels, in wedges or even platforms, with either an open-toe or closed-toe shoe-front.

Is kebaya a formal attire?

After Dutch colonization, the kebaya took on a new role as the formal dress for the European women in the country. During this time, the kebaya was made mostly from mori fabric. Modifications made to this traditional costume later introduced the use of silk and embroidery to add design and color.

How do you iron kebaya?

Caring of the Garment

Nyonya Kebaya should only be handwashed. Hang on the windy place and leave it to dry naturally. When ironing your kebaya, flip them inside out and iron with medium heat. As for the Batik cheongsam and sarong just iron as per normal.

What are the types of baju kurung?


  • Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga.
  • Baju Kurung Cekak Musang.
  • Baju Kurung Kedah.
  • Baju Kurung Pahang.
  • Baju Kurung Perak.
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