Where can I take my dog in Bangkok?

Can you take a dog to Bangkok?

Pets can arrive in Thailand in the cabin or as checked baggage or air cargo at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. … Pet dogs and cats will not be quarantined as long as they arrive with a current import permit and all regulations to enter Thailand are met.

Are dogs allowed in Lumpini Park?

The park will also have lighting for operation at night, an automatic watering system for plants and a modern water supply system. The park will be open daily from 5am through 9pm. All breeds of dogs, even pit bull terriers and Rottweilers, will be allowed inside the park, according to park authorities.

Is Thailand dog friendly?

Thailand is a fairly pet-friendly country and most people in the country love their pets. Cats and small dog breeds are the most popular pets in the country. While there are not too many pet-friendly restaurants and other activities, things are changing as more and more people are adopting pets.

How can I take my dog to Thailand?

Entry Requirements

  1. They will need a health certificate issued by a USDA accredited veterinarian. …
  2. You must bring a proof of vaccination showing Rabies, Leptospirosis, Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parvovirus vaccines for dogs. …
  3. A copy of your passport.
  4. Pets must also be at least 4 months old.
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Where can I take my dog in Bangkok?

7 Best Places to Take Your Pet Dog in Bangkok

  • Trail and Tail. Founded by Khun Chanahetrakul, Trail and Tail is one of Bangkok’s most pet-loving communities. …
  • Central Festival Eastville. …
  • The Commons Thonglor. …
  • Dog Park 49. …
  • K Village. …
  • Coffee & Puppy. …
  • BMA Dog Park.

How are dogs viewed in Thailand?

The population of dogs on the streets of Thailand’s capital city is reported to have reached 300,000. When it comes to having pet dogs, lots of Thais take compassion as fondness. … For them, dogs are seen as toys, domestic amusement or a symbol of the family’s financial well-being.

Why are there so many dogs in Thailand?

The reason there are so many stray dogs in Thailand is simple: Pet owners do not spay and neuter their animals. It is not uncommon for owners to become bored of the animal and to abandon their dogs into the street. These dogs end up meeting other stray dogs and making puppies.

Can you take your dog to Bali?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your pet from the US to Bali. … Your pet cat or dog must be vaccinated for rabies between 30 days and 12 months prior to entry, depending which country you are coming from. If coming from the USA or Canada, an accredited veterinarian must complete the Veterinary Certificate for Indonesia.