Where can you find dipterocarp forest in the Philippines?

How many dipterocarp species are there in the Philippines?

The 18 species belong to the six Philippine diptero- carp genera and make up 28% of the 65 dipterocarp species [2] known from the Philippines. Additionally, they represent all eight dipterocarp timber groups [16]. Six species were not yet described for the island of Leyte (Tab.

What is dipterocarp forest in the Philippines?

Philippine dipterocarp forest is quite tall (45-65 m) and dense, with three canopy layers. Lianas and bamboo are rare in mature forest but common in poorly developed evergreen forest. Ferns, orchids, and other epiphytic plants are found on the larger trees.

What is dipterocarp trees?

Dipterocarpaceae, family of largely South Asian and African timber trees, in the hibiscus, or mallow, order (Malvales), comprising 17 genera and 680 species. … Most of the species in the family are lofty trees with leathery, evergreen leaves and aromatic resins.

What trees are in the Malaysian rainforest?

Common trees include species of Dacrydium, Daphniphyllum, Eurya, Ficus, Gordonia, Ilex, Leptospermum, Lindera, Lithocarpus, Melicope, Podocarpus, Prunus, Quercus, Syzygium, Schima, Ternstroemia, and Tristaniopsis, and Weinmannia fraxinea. Rhododendrons are common shrubs, especially on acidic and peat soils.

What are the categories groups of Philippine timber?

Philippine forest products are generally classified into two groups, namely (1) the timber, and (2) the so-called minor forest products, which include all products of the forest other than timber. Principal Timber Species.

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Where is mossy forest Philippines?

These forests are referred to as mossy forests. The remaining patches of mossy forests in the Central Cordillera of Northern Philippines harbour diverse unknown endemic floral species that sustain the headwaters of the major rivers on the region.