Which island in Singapore can stay overnight?

Can I stay overnight at St John Island?

Unlike Sisters’ Islands and Kusu Island which don’t allow overnight stays, St. John Island has a lodge that you can book if you want to stay overnight on the island. You don’t need to bring your own camping tent, you can actually sleep on a bed!

Is Kusu Island Open during Covid?

Limit of 500 visitors a day during Kusu Island’s annual pilgrimage season amid Covid-19. SINGAPORE – Only 500 visitors a day will be allowed to visit Kusu Island for the upcoming pilgrimage season, said the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) on Sunday (Sept 12).

Is there any toilet at St John Island?


John’s Island is slightly more developed than the other mentioned islands. There are 2 public toilets on the island. 1 near the causeway and 1 nearer to the jetty. There are shower facilities available in both toilets.

Do you need passport for Lazarus Island?

The two islands Singaporeans are most familiar with are Sentosa and Pulau Tekong.

7 islands near Singapore that Singaporeans don’t need a passport to visit.

Island Cost of trip
Kusu Island $15
St John’s Island $15
Lazarus Island $15

How much does it cost to go to Kusu Island?

The Kusu island ferry price is $18 for a roundtrip and $12 for children aged 1 to 12 years old.

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