Who is Dao Ming Si in Thailand?

Is Dàomíng Sì a virgin?

Is daoming si a virgin? It was mentioned in mg 2001 that he is. But in 2018 didi mentioned he got wasted when he was with meizu… — YES. DAO MING SI IS A VIRGIN He didn’t refuse the kiss of the girls not the act itself.

Did Shancai get pregnant?

So Shancai gives the Daoming mansion over to his sister (it was too painful to stay there without him anyway), and moves in with Lei. A few months later, she finds out she is pregnant with Si’s baby. There are many tears, both of joy and sadness, over this final gift Si gave her.

What episode do Shancai and Si get married?

Episode 49 (第四十九集) is the series finale of the Chinese drama, Meteor Garden. The episode aired on August 29, 2018 on Hunan Television. The F4 trick Dong Shan Cai into thinking she is dreaming. She eventually realizes that she is at her and Dao Ming Si’s wedding.

Did Hua Ze Lei love Shancai?

Does Hua Ze Lei love Shancai? Lei was surprised when Si had finally admitted that he had a crush on Shancai and told the boy’s of F4 over a game at their hangout that he wanted to confess to her. Lei played with the games in his arms, he was as quiet as always but his heart and mind weren’t.

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What episode does Shancai like SI?

Shancai confesses to Ms. Yu her true feelings toward Ah Si. With his violin, Lei makes a public display of his affections for Shancai.

Does Jing like Lei?

The next night, Jing questioned Lei on whether he had feelings for Shan Cai. Lei was hurt and told Jing that he actually liked her, before kissing her.