Who is in the 50 pesos Philippines?

Who are the faces in Philippine money?

New Design/BSP Series

Value Dimensions (millimetres) Design
₱10 160 × 66 Apolinario Mabini, Andres Bonifacio, 1899 Malolos Constitution, Kartilla ng Katipunan
₱20 Manuel L. Quezon, 1935 Philippine Commonwealth
₱50 Sergio Osmeña, Fuente Osmeña fountain in Cebu, gavel

Who is in the Philippine 20 pesos?

Philippine president Manuel L. Quezon is currently featured on the front side of the note, while the Banaue Rice Terraces and the palm civet is featured on the reverse side.

What kind of bird is shown in a 500 peso bill?

Philippine five hundred-peso note

Design Subterranean River National Park, blue-naped parrot (Tanygnathus lucionensis), Southern Philippines cloth design
Designer Design Systemat
Design date 2010

Why is Jose Rizal on this currency denomination?

who is on the P500-bill, but Rizal is on the P1-coin because it is the basic unit of Philippine currency.” In fact, the P1-coin is distributed all over the land and even the less privileged, the lower class, the middle class of the society have it in on hand most of the time.

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