Who is the owner of FM Radio Philippines?


Who is FM owned by?

DC Thomson buys radio stations Kingdom FM and Original 106. Publishing group DC Thomson – owner of the Press and Journal and Courier newspapers – has bought two Scottish radio stations.

Who is the owner of RPN 9?

Radio Philippines Network

Type Broadcast commercial radio and television network
Founded February 25, 1960 by Roberto Benedicto
Area Philippines
Owner Government of the Philippines (Presidential Communications Office) (20%) Nine Media Corporation (34%) Far East Managers and Investors (32%) Private Stock (14%)

Is Classic FM part of the BBC?

Classic FM was the first national classical music station to have been launched since the opening of BBC Radio 3, 25 years earlier, in September 1967, and 46 years since the opening of Radio 3’s predecessor, The Third Programme, in September 1946.

Classic FM (UK)

Website classicfm.com

Who owns Classic FM South Africa?

Classic FM (South Africa)

Format Classical / Talk
Owner Classic FM (Pty) Ltd

What has happened to Classic FM?

In September 2019, Classic FM was placed into business rescue where extreme cost-cutting measures, including the reduction of crippling overheads, were enforced, resulting in a portion of the station’s staff complement being retrenched. At the time, the station’s board of directors believed that it would remain on air.

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Is Classic FM closing?

One of the last surviving FM classical music radio stations, Classic 1027, is changing its format as of July. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, Icasa, gave the station permission to change its format on 30 April 2021. … Classic FM was launched in 1997 aimed at.