Who was the diver who died in Thailand?

How many divers died in Thai rescue?

Tham Luang cave rescue

Rescue personnel and equipment at the cave entrance
Date 23 June – 10 July 2018 (18 days)
Deaths Saman Kunan, rescue diver and Thai Navy Seal Beirut Pakbara, rescue diver and Thai Navy Seal
Non-fatal injuries Minor scrapes and cuts, mild rashes, lung inflammation

What happened Saman Gunan?

Saman ‘Sam’ Gunan – a former Thai Navy SEAL and avid triathlete – lost his life trying to save 13 people he had never met from the flooded cave complex in Chiang Rai. The volunteer diver was on his way back from supplying air tanks along the rescue route when his breathing device fell from his mouth.

Did all the boys survive the Thai cave rescue?

The team did not prepare supplies in advance for their cave exploration, and were soon trapped inside the cave’s winding chambers due to rising flood waters. While waiting to be freed, the boys survived on just cave water and tried not to think about their favorite food in order to survive.

How did the soccer team survive in the cave?

Unable to escape, the boys pulled their coach back in and weeks passed before they were discovered and reached by rescuers. Starving and quickly running out of oxygen, the team survived by drinking fresh water that dripped from a cave stalactite and repeated the mantra “su su”—Thai for “keep fighting”—to remain calm.

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