Why does Baguio has a different climate compared to the rest of the places in the Philippines?

Why is climate different in different areas?

The climate of a region depends on many factors including the amount of sunlight it receives, its height above sea level, the shape of the land, and how close it is to oceans. Since the equator receives more sunlight than the poles, climate varies depending on its distance from the equator.

Why Baguio has the lowest temperature among cities in the Philippines?

The chill in Baguio City continues due to the strong northeast monsoon or “amihan” with the City of Pines marking its lowest temperature of 6.3 degrees Celsius which was recorded 60 years on Monday.

Why do climate vary in the different regions in the Philippines?

Essentially, there arc two main reasons that climate varies from place to place; first, the amount of energy arriving from the sun, and second the circulation of the atmosphere and oceans which carry heat and moisture from one placc to another.

Why does Baguio has a different climate compared to the rest of the places in the Philippines?

The Climate of the Philippines is tropical and maritime. It is characterized by relatively high temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfall. … This makes the temperature of Baguio comparable with those in the temperate climate and because of this, it is known as the summer capital of the Philippines.

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How does weather differ between locations?

When a location is closer to the Sun, its days are longer, and the Sun’s rays are stronger and more direct. When our hemisphere is tipped toward the Sun, we experience warmer weather and longer days. This is our summer. When we tip away from the Sun, the days are shorter and colder.

Why do different places have different climate class 7?

Different parts of earth receive different amount of sunlight so different regions of earth have different climate. For example – equator receives perpendicular sun rays so the climate is hot and humid on equator.

What are the factors that affect the climate of a place?

Factors that affect the climate of a place:

  • Latitude. …
  • Elevation. …
  • Ocean Currents. …
  • Topography. …
  • Vegetation. …
  • Prevailing winds.

Why is Baguio The lowest temperature?

The lowest recorded temperature in Baguio was 6.3 °C on Jan. 18, 1961. The nippy weather is caused by the prevailing northeast monsoon or ‘amihan” in Northern Luzon bringing cold winds from the northeast.

Why Baguio has a lower temperature?

The cold weather is caused by “amihan,” or cool northeast monsoon season that prevails between October and early March, Pagasa said. Last year, the coldest temperature recorded was 9.4°C degrees, the lowest so far in the last three years.