Why is Myanmar called the land of golden pagodas?

Which country is called land of golden pagoda?

‘Golden Dagon Pagoda’) and also known as the Great Dagon Pagoda and the Golden Pagoda, is a gilded stupa located in Yangon, Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Status active
Municipality Yangon
Country Myanmar

Which temple is called golden pagoda?

The Golden Pagoda of Namsai, also known as Kongmu Kham, in the Tai-Khamti language, is a Burmese-style Buddhist temple that was opened in 2010.

Golden Pagoda, Namsai.

Golden Pagoda at Namsai
The Golden Pagoda as night falls
Affiliation Theravada Buddhism

In which country is this famous pagoda located?

Myanmar is known for its pagodas or stupas which are prominent places of worship for Buddhist pilgrims.

Which city in the world has the largest number of pagodas?

(Reuters) – Known as the city of four million pagodas, Myanmar’s ancient capital of Bagan is one of Southeast Asia’s most important archaeological sites.

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