Will Indonesia’s new capital just move the problem to the jungle?

What concerns are there about relocating the capital city of Indonesia?

Yet, environmental activists fear the move will have negative effects on the region: damaging the forests that serve as significant habitat for rainforest wildlife spices, including the remaining orangutan population; increasing pollution that is already on the rise there due to coal mining, palm oil industries and …

Will Indonesia move its capital?

Announced in 2019, Widodo wants Indonesia’s administrative capital to be moved to East Kalimantan, citing Jakarta’s overcrowding, traffic jams and pollution — as well as the need for a growth engine in the eastern half of Indonesia. … Jakarta will remain as the country’s financial and commercial hub.

Why is Indonesia going to move their capital?

Why is it moving the capital? Widodo says that the relocation is about addressing inequality and relieving some of the burden on Jakarta, and the island of Java. Java is home to 60% of the country’s population and more than half of its economic activity. … Jakarta is also struggling under a huge environmental burden.

Why are people leaving Jakarta?

In April 2019, Indonesian President Joko Widodo suggested moving the country’s capital from Jakarta to another location. … He also cited Jakarta’s growing list of environmental problems: flooding, poor water quality, land subsidence, sea level rise and traffic congestion.

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Which country has changed its capital the most?

Countries Who Have Changed Capital Cities

Rank City Country
1 Abuja Nigeria
2 Belmopan Belize
3 Brasilia Brazil
4 Canberra Australia

Why do countries move capital?

Heavy traffic congestion is a common reason for moving a capital city. Another rationale is the potential to redistribute national wealth. Economists argue that recent, unsuccessful moves of capital cities indicate Indonesia would be better off focusing on improving its existing infrastructure.