You asked: Does Rosetta Stone teach Thai?

Can you learn Thai with Rosetta Stone?

Once you can read the Thai alphabet, the Rosetta Stone program will be beneficial in learning vocabulary and how to speak the language. … By the end of the book, you will be able to read Thai and have a good head start to make the Rosetta Stone Thai course work its best for you.

What happened to Rosetta Stone Thai?

So the Rosetta Stone Thai Language course was previously available but was ultimately discontinued. There is the possibility that this is down to the course now being up to their standards. When it was available, it was only offered a beginner level course. … But for now, Thai learners will have to look elsewhere.

Does Babbel teach Thai?

The fact that Babbel, a trusted language learning app by many, does not have a Thai option is a real disappointment for the many people looking to learn some Thai before a visit to the kingdom. … I also so found out that they don’t have some other Asian language courses in Babbel such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

How many years does it take to learn Thai?

You always study minimum 3 days per week, but rarely more. You’re not entirely sure about your approach but you try different things. For someone in this situation, learning Thai to an upper intermediate level might take 4-6 years or possibly longer.

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What is the easiest way to learn Thai?

Here are our top selections for learning Thai.

  1. italki.
  2. ThaiPod101.
  3. Lingopolo.
  4. Pimsleur.
  5. Learn Thai Podcast.
  6. Udemy.
  7. Glossika.
  8. Mango Languages.

Will duolingo add Thai?

It is a shame that Duolingo doesn’t offer Thai as an option. … There are many great resources for learning Thai available so have a look around. Try some of them out and you may just find your new favorite language learning app. Ling Thai offers some lessons for free to let you try it out.

Does Pimsleur have Thai?

Standard Thai, the dialect taught in the Pimsleur course, is also known as Central Thai or Siamese, and it is the official language of Thailand. Sometimes called the Bangkok Dialect, it is spoken by about 25 million people.

What app can you use to learn Thai?

Simply Learn

Simply Learn is the app for you. It is a Thai language travel phrasebook app that brings together all the necessary phrases you would need to travel in Thailand. The app has been intuitively designed for quick navigation to help you find the words you are looking for in each situation.

What language app has Thai?

6 Apps To Help You Learn Thai The Easy Way

  • Walen Thai. …
  • Learn Thai. …
  • Learn Thai – Free WordPower. …
  • Speak Thai by Tourism Authority of Thailand. …
  • iSpeak Thai Lite – Full Version. …
  • Nemo Thai – Free Language Learning.