You asked: How can I get health card in Philippines?

What is the best prepaid health card in the Philippines?

Top 10 HMO & Health Cards in the Philippines

  • Maxicare HealthCare. …
  • Intellicare. …
  • Medicard Philippines. …
  • Caritas Health Shield. …
  • Philhealth Care (PhilCare) …
  • ValuCare Health System. …
  • Eastwest Health Care. …
  • Avega Managed Care.

How do I apply for MediCard health card?

Visit any MediCard free-standing clinic to apply (see list here: Benefits may be availed of, from Monday to Friday, at the MediCard free-standing clinic where the card is purchased. For more information, visit or call (02) 884-9999.

Is PhilHealth a health card?

PhilHealth is a government-owned and controlled corporation and is the country’s national health insurance provider.

Which health card is best?

Best Health Insurance Plans in India

Health Insurance Plans Entry Age (Min-Max)
Reliance Critical illness Insurance 18-55, 60, & 65 years (as per the SI)
Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Health Plan 18 years & above
SBI Arogya Premier Policy 3 months – 65 years
Star Family Health Optima Plan 18-65 years

What are the benefits of MediCard?


(B) MediCard will give a total limit of php 20,000. Member may avail of the emergency services more than once as long as there is still remaining limit. – basic laboratory, x-ray and other basic diagnostic examinations directly related to the emergency management of the patient.

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Where can I buy a maxicare prepaid card?

Maxicare EReady is available online! Just go to our website and click or tap Shop Now to purchase using your credit/debit card. It is also available in Robinson’s Department Store – Business Centers nationwide, or through 7-Eleven CliQQ kiosks nationwide and selected MiniStop branches in Metro Manila.

How much does MediCard cost?

My MediCard is the ultimate health card for unlimited check-ups with select MediCard-accredited doctors. It also comes with a one-time oral prophylaxis. Sold for only P3,600 and membership is already good for one year.

Who is covered by MediCard?

Qualified individuals, families or SMEs will receive coverage for hospitalization, outpatient, and preventive healthcare that includes Annual Physical Exam and the following 8 blood chemistries- Fasting Blood Sugar, Total Cholesterol, Uric Acid, Creatinine, BUN, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides.

Can I pay MediCard monthly?

10. Can I pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annual? You can pay up to a maximum of 3 months. Note though that underwriting cut-off schedule will apply on the last payment to determine effectivity date of membership.

Is PhilHealth valid ID?

PhilHealth ID

Just like the TIN ID, it’s simple to get, is absolutely free of charge, and is valid for a lifetime.

What type of health insurance PhilHealth is?

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) was created in 1995 to implement universal health coverage in the Philippines. It is a tax-exempt, government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) of the Philippines, and is attached to the Department of Health.

What is PhilHealth and its benefits?

PhilHealth implements the National Health Insurance Program that aims to provide Filipinos with financial assistance and access to affordable health services. It covers hospital costs, subsidy for room and boarding, medicine, and professional services.

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