You asked: Is Airsoft legal in Malaysia 2021?

Is it illegal to play airsoft in public?

According to the law, airsoft guns fall into the same general category as air guns, which are not real firearms, and are free to be purchased from specialized shops. However, the purchase and use of airsoft guns is not permitted for people under 18 years old. It is prohibited to have any replica gun in public sight.

Is Airsoft legal in Malaysia 2021?

An Airsoft gun is a recreational replica firearm that is illegal in Malaysia and as per any firearms, requires a permit and license.

Is paintball gun legal in Malaysia?

Ownership and possession of paintball markers in Malaysia has always been tolerated by the police even though under written law, they have always been illegal to possess.

Is Bow and Arrow legal in Malaysia?

Archery is an old art that became popular when people realised it was easier to down an animal if one launched one’s sticks with a bow. … The management says that all bows are welcome, from traditional to compound. As long as it is legal in Malaysia, you are good to go.

Can u play airsoft anywhere?

Private property is a great place to play airsoft, whether it’s indoors or outside, since there is less risk of bystanders or law enforcement interference. … Always be respectful of the owner and their property, and don’t make permanent changes without express permission.

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Can you shoot airsoft anywhere?

It is a bylaw offence to fire any weapon within city limits, including on your own property. It is against city bylaws to transport an air-powered gun with a round of ammunition in the chamber.