You asked: Why are Thai fighters called Fairtex?

Why are Thai fighters named Fairtex?

essentially when you are good enough to represent the gym professionally as a fighter), the gym’s name is bestowed upon you as an honor. … For example, Jongsanan Fairtex and Bunkerd Fairtex are from the Fairtex Gym in Thailand.

Is Fairtex a Thai name?

Technically, then, former two-sport World Champion Stamp Fairtex and current ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Champion Capitan Petchyindee Academy are not using Thai names.

Why do Muay Thai fighters take the name of their gym?

There is a reason why we use the names of our gyms in lieu of our surnames when we fight (at least in Thailand), to proudly acknowledge and represent who made us and where we come from.

Who are the Fairtex fighters?

Now with World Champions in “the art of eight limbs” like “The Boxing Computer” Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex, Saemapetch Fairtex, and Stamp Fairtex, and mixed martial arts stars such as Denice “The Menace Fairtex” Zamboanga and Mark “Tyson” Fairtex Abelardo, the Thai super-gym has become a household name.

Why do Thai fighters change their names?

When he begins his fighter’s career, the Thai boxer changes his born name to bear the name of the camp which is going to form him. … The nickname in Thai says to “Chaya”, and every great champion had during his career his “Chaya” which marked the spirits of the enthusiasts of the Muay Thai!

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What font does Fairtex use?

Sometimes the nameplate is placed inside an ornate medallion, on some equipment the brand uses all capital letters in a strict and simple sans-serif typeface. There are many versions of the Fairtex logo, but all of them represent a strong and powerful brand with a unique character and a free spirit.

What is a Muay Thai gym called?

McDojo: A martial arts school that is solely established to make money and teaches an inauthentic form of martial arts. The term “McDojo” has been floating around for a while. You can find McDojos around the world but the US is a hotbed for many of these fake martial arts schools and masters.

What is the name of a Muay Thai Gym?

20 Best Muay Thai Gyms (Camps) in the World

Name Location
Golden Glory Pattaya Thailand
The Arena USA
Heritage Muay Thai USA
Krudar Muay Thai USA