You asked: Why did Kim shoot herself Miss Saigon?

Why did Chris leave Kim Miss Saigon?

He asks her where Chris was the night that Saigon fell (“Kim’s Nightmare – Part 1”). We travel back to the past, where she remembers that after getting her a visa so that she could return to the United States with him, Chris left her in their room with a gun and went to work at the embassy.

Are Thuy and Kim Cousins?

Thuy is a Vietnamese man who is Kim’s cousin and betrothed.

Who played Kim after Lea?

Monique Wilson is a Filipino singer, actress and activist who played Kim during the Original West End production of Miss Saigon after being an understudy, taking over the role when Lea Salonga left for the Broadway production.

What is the message of the story Miss Saigon?

A love story set during the Vietnam War, the musical calls to question our collective moral responsibility for the many children of American soldiers born to women in war torn countries and never claimed or acknowledged by their fathers.

Who is Chris in Miss Saigon?


Character The Original Cast Recording The Definitive Live Recording
Kim Lea Salonga Eva Noblezada
The Engineer Jonathan Pryce Jon Jon Briones
Chris Simon Bowman Alistair Brammer
John Peter Polycarpou Hugh Maynard

Who is Emily Bautista?

Twenty-one-year-old Emily Bautista, who portrays one of the most heart-wrenching romantic leads in musical theater, landed the role of understudy to Kim in “Miss Saigon” on Broadway after her father sent a “random email” to famed producer Cameron Mackintosh’s website asking for his daughter, then a high school senior, …

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