Your question: How did the Ho Chi Minh trail work?

How was the Ho Chi Minh Trail used?

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was used by the North Vietnamese as a route for its troops to get into the South. They also used the trail as a supply route – for weapons, food and equipment. The Ho Chin Minh Trail ran along the Laos/Cambodia and Vietnam borders and was dominated by jungles.

How was the Ho Chi Minh Trail successful?

The trail was considered one of the greatest feats of warfare because the North Vietnamese government was able to keep the trail open even in the face of relentless American attacks. The Ho Chi Minh Trail did not comprise just one trail. It consisted of over 12,000 miles of trails.

What made the Ho Chi Minh Trail so difficult to shut down?

Mu Gia and other strategic spots along the Ho Chi Minh trail became a struggle between American attempts to shut down the supply route and Vietnamese ones to keep them going. Defending the route was a core of committed laborers, who protected the trail by making it physically hard to bomb.

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How did the trail help Hanoi succeed?

As the war continued, Hanoi used the system to secretly funnel ever more men, supplies and military hardware into South Vietnam. … [5] In the lead up to the 1968 Tet Offensive, the trail enabled the communists to pre-position some 200,000 troops and 81,000 tons of weaponry at key points in South Vietnam.

Why was the Ho Chi Minh Trail built?

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was a network of roads built from North Vietnam to South Vietnam through the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia, to provide logistical support to the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War.

What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail and why was it important?

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was a military supply route running from North Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia to South Vietnam. The route sent weapons, manpower, ammunition and other supplies from communist-led North Vietnam to their supporters in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Why did Rolling Thunder fail?

Failure of Operation Rolling Thunder

The bombing campaign failed because the bombs often fell into empty jungle, missing their targets.

What made fighting in Vietnam so difficult?

Explanation: Firstly most of the war was fought as a guerrilla war. This is a type of war which conventional forces such as the US army in Vietnam, find notoriously difficult to fight. … The Americans, laden down with conventional weapons and uniform were not equipped to fight in the paddy fields and jungles.

What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail quizlet?

A network of paths running through Laos and Cambodia by which North Vietnam was able to supply its troops and the Vietcong in South Vietnam.

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