Your question: How many media outlets are there in Singapore?

How many newspapers are there in Singapore?

There are a total of eighteen newspapers in active circulation today, of which three are distributed for free. Some of these also carry supplementary tabloid pull-outs sold together with the main spreadsheet, such as Digital Life, Mind Your Body, and Urban, which are distributed together with The Straits Times.

Is MediaCorp the only media company in Singapore?

It is owned by Temasek Holdings, an investment company owned by the Government of Singapore. It also forms part of a duopoly in the country, the other being the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).


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Where do Singaporeans get their news from?

Mainstream news media brands remain the most trusted news sources, with MediaCorp’s round-the-clock news network Channel News Asia (CNA) being the most trusted (79%) followed by the newspaper The Straits Times (77%) published by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

What is the television system of Singapore?

The public broadcaster, MediaCorp TV, has a monopoly on terrestrial television channels and is fully owned by government holding company Temasek Holdings. … Local pay TV operators are StarHub TV and Singtel TV. The private ownership of satellite dishes is banned.

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How many newspapers printed daily Singapore?

In 2020, approximately 869 thousand newspapers were circulated in Singapore.

Who controls the media in Singapore?

State-owned Mediacorp owns and operates all six free-to-air terrestrial local television channels licensed to broadcast in Singapore, as well as 11 radio channels. Radio and television stations are all government-owned entities.

Is CNA owned by Mediacorp?

CNA was established in March 1999 by Mediacorp, and is an English language Asian news network. … CNA is a transmedia company, where users can get content online, on TV and radio and via smart devices.

Is Mediacorp a good company?

Great company to work in, good superior and friendly colleagues. Caring staffs, great facilities and nice environment to work at.

Who owns CNA?

The network has been positioned since its launch as an alternative to Western-based international media in its presentation of news from “an Asian perspective.” It is run by Mediacorp News Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Singapore media conglomerate Mediacorp Pte. Ltd.

What are Singaporeans reading?

The top three genres of books Singaporeans read are nonfiction, romance and fiction, remaining unchanged from last year. Romance, in particular, seems to be a genre to watch out for.

Do people read newspaper now?

Many readers are now shifting to digital platforms to read the papers. Only 29% now say they read a newspaper yesterday – with just 23% reading a print newspaper. Over the past decade, the percentage reading a print newspaper the previous day has fallen by 18 points (from 41% to 23%).