Your question: What are the challenges or problems that the Angkor Wat is facing right now and why?

What happened to the Angkor Wat?

The accepted view has been that Angkor collapsed suddenly in 1431, following an invasion by inhabitants of the powerful city of Ayutthaya, in modern day Thailand. Penny and his colleagues put this theory to the test when, in 2016, they took a dozen drill cores from the earth beneath Angkor’s temple moats.

What are threats to Angkor?

An international heritage conservancy has warned that the Angkor Wat temple complex faces “critical” threats in the form of heavy traffic and inefficient conservation techniques.

Who sacked Angkor?

After the Khmer refused to recognize Thai authority, the Thai besieged Angkor and sacked the capital city.

What impact has tourism had on Angkor?

The overcrowding of tourists in Angkor has raised serious concerns about its environmental and socio- cultural impact, and also for the quality of the tourists’ experience. The pollution of river water with sewage and a shortage of electricity have recently been reported [3].

How long did it take to build Angkor Wat How does that compare to most European medieval churches?

The construction time for Angkor Wat lasted about 35 years. That’s an incredible short time for a project of this size. Compared with the European cathedrals of medieval times the old Khmer built and carved very quick, though performing the highest quality of work and art.

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