Your question: What is a push kick called in Muay Thai?

What are the Muay Thai kicks called?

The two most common kicks in muay Thai are known as the thip (literally “foot jab”) and the te chiang (kicking upwards in the shape of a triangle cutting under the arm and ribs), or roundhouse kick.

What is a push kick?

This kick is also known as the front thrust kick in martial arts such as Hapkido. … A push kick is used to create space or to push an attacker off-balance if the opponent is too close. It is also used as a defensive kick because a martial artist can use the push kick to block an opponent’s forward momentum.

Why is it called a TEEP kick?

Well its all in the name, at least one of them, that specific name being “push kick”. This kick is used to push away your opponent and keep them from advancing on you helping to keep your range. In this way, the teep is the kicking equivalent to the jab but its range is around twice as long.

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