Your question: What is the biggest house in Singapore?

What’s the most expensive house in Singapore?

About halfway up Nassim Road is the most expensive property ever sold in the prestigious area: a good class bungalow that sits on nearly 85,000 sq ft of land. In the summer of 2019, it sold for S$230 million Singaporean dollar.

What is the most expensive place in Singapore?

Districts 9 (Orchard, Cairnhill, River Valley) and 10 (Ardmore, Bukit Timah, Holland Road, Tanglin) have historically been and continue to be the most expensive in Singapore,” says design director Terri Tan.

What is the most expensive HDB in Singapore?

Other FAQs on Most Expensive HDB Flat

The most expensive HDB flat is a DBSS flat in Bishan, which was sold for S$1.296 million in July 2021.

What is the most expensive house in the world?

As of 2014, it was considered the world’s most expensive private residence costing between US$1 and 2 billion to build. It is located on Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill in South Mumbai.

Antilia (building)

Antilia, Mumbai
Cost US $2.6 billion
Owner Mukesh Ambani
Height 173 m (568 ft)
Technical details

What is the richest part of Singapore?

Here are the five most luxurious spots in Singapore that all investors should know.

  • Luxurious Marina Bay. Buyers come to Marina Bay when they want the best and most extensive options in the luxury residential market. …
  • Scenic Sentosa Island. …
  • Trendy Holland Village. …
  • Commercial Orchard Road. …
  • Rediscovered Tanjong Pagar.
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Where does the rich live in Singapore?

(i) Reignwood Hamilton Scotts

Singapore, the key luxury hub in Southeast Asia, is also home to the most lavish condominiums in Asia. Reignwood Hamilton Scotts, located near the retail and entertainment hub of Orchard Road, is known for its ‘car porch in the sky’.

Is Singapore the most expensive country?

Singapore has dropped by one place to be in the 13th position in the global Cost of Living rankings, but remains in the top ten most expensive locations for expatriates to live and work in Asia.