Your question: What is the easiest flower to grow in Malaysia?

What can you plant in Malaysia?

Common Vegetable Planting Calendar in Malaysia

Vegetables Germination Days to maturity
Lettuce 4 to 10 days 55 to 80 days
Sweet corn 6 to 10 days 60 to 90 days
Eggplant 3 to 12 days 50 to 150 days
Tomato 6 to 14 days 55 to 90 days

What vegetables are easy to grow in Malaysia?

Here are some of the easiest, bountiful and most beneficial vegetables to grow at home.

  1. Moringa. Moringa is full of with skin-loving vitamins. ( …
  2. Amaranth. Amaranth contains about 30% more protein than cereals like rice, sorghum and rye. ( …
  3. Chilli. …
  4. Kangkong. …
  5. Curry Leaf. …
  6. Cucumber. …
  7. Okra.

Which flower grows fast at home?


You can bet on this bang-for-your-buck classic fast-growing annual. Bright blossoms of yellow, orange and mahogany that show themselves within eight weeks of sowing. For best results, plant marigold in full sun and in well-draining soil.

What vegetables grow well in Malaysia?

There are many vegetables and herbs that thrive in Malaysia. Bak choy, okra, long beans, eggplant and curry leaves are just a random selection of the delicious produce you’re likely to see on plates in Malaysian restaurants.

Is farming profitable in Malaysia?

MAKING agriculture profitable and attractive to young people is key to reducing the country’s import bill, lifting millions out of unemployment and boosting federal revenue, former two-time Finance Minister Tun Dr Daim Zainuddin (picture; left) said.

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