Your question: Who is the Filipino designer known as queen of knitwear?

Who is Lulu Tan Gan?

Known as the country’s Queen of Knits, Lulu Tan-Gan began her fashion career at SM, where she worked in shoe product development. … It was an exciting time as SM was becoming a fashion store, and was setting the local fashion trend season after season.

What is the business of Rajo Laurel?

After building a fashion empire, top couturier Rajo Laurel has ventured into furniture design with his first collection for Pacific Traders, a furniture company based in Cebu.

Who is dubbed as the queen of knitwear in the country and why?

See what she has learned as a fashion designer. When you think of knits in the local fashion scene, one name comes to mind—Lulu Tan-Gan is, after all, called the Queen of Knits for a reason.

What is the contribution of Lulu Tan Gan?

The first two decades of Lulu Tan- Gan’s career in fashion is marked by her iconic knitwear, which redefined the versatility of knits for the Philippine fashion industry. Through amalgamating knits and piña, which the artisanal designer has been doing since 2007, she translates traditional crafts to contemporary wear.

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