Your question: Why is healthcare in the Philippines bad?

How is healthcare in the Philippines?

Healthcare is provided through both private and public hospitals in the Philippines. Although healthcare is generally expensive for the average Filipino, expats may find it more affordable than in their home country. Local medical staff are well trained, especially in big cities.

How can we improve healthcare in the Philippines?

Top 10 health agendas of the Philippines

  1. Improve hospitals and health facilities. …
  2. Employ more health workers (doctors, nurses, and midwives). …
  3. Increase PhilHealth enrollment and improve PhilHealth benefits. …
  4. Reduce maternal and infant deaths. …
  5. Reduce non-communicable diseases. …
  6. Reduce and prevent cancer cases.

Is healthcare in the Philippines bad?

Despite having achieved universal healthcare, the Philippines still struggles with unequal access to medical care. As such, the standard of public healthcare in the Philippines generally varies from excellent in urban centres to poor in rural areas.

What are the top 10 health issues in the Philippines?


  • Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis. 621,818. 775.40. 487,302. 577.8.
  • Hypertension. 352,697. 439.70. 398,538. 472.6.
  • Influenza. 408,326. 509.30. 349,609. 414.6.
  • TB Respiratory. 111,320. 138.90. 114,714. 136.0.
  • Diseases of the Heart. 40,421. 50.30. 31,331. 37.2.
  • Dengue Fever. 16,490. 20.50. 23,773. 28.2.
  • Malaria. 29,362. 36.30. 23,207. 27.5.
  • Chickenpox.

What are the common barriers to health promotion in the Philippines?

Linguistic and educational disparities. Limited affordable, reliable, or public transportation options. Unpredictable work hours or unemployment. Lower population densities for program economies of scale coverage.

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