Best answer: How did the Thai soccer team get rescued?

Who saved the Thai football team?

Vernon Unsworth, from Walthamstow, was among the team who helped save the 12 boys who became trapped deep inside the Tham Luang cave network by a flash flood in June last year.

How much did it cost to rescue Thai soccer team?

At a cost of over $500,000, the money could have been allocated to other sources which could have without a doubt saved more lives.

How did they rescue Thai soccer team?

Unable to escape, the boys pulled their coach back in and weeks passed before they were discovered and reached by rescuers. Starving and quickly running out of oxygen, the team survived by drinking fresh water that dripped from a cave stalactite and repeated the mantra “su su”—Thai for “keep fighting”—to remain calm.

How were the Thailand soccer team rescued?

On July 8, the first four boys were led out of the cave by an international team of cave diving experts including Thai Navy SEALS, attached to the divers with ropes and harnesses. On July 9, four more boys are rescued and on July 10, the remaining four boys and coach are rescued after spending 17 days in the cave.

How long did it take to rescue the Thai soccer team?

It took nine days for the divers to find the boys and their coach. It took another eight days to rescue them all. After surviving with little food and water in the flooded cave, all of of the boys soccer team and their coach have since recovered after 17 days trapped in the cave.

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What happened to the Thai cave kids?

Found alive after nine days. Rescue divers initially found the 12 young soccer players and their coach alive on July 3 after they went missing in a Thai cave 10 days earlier. Fighting against time, rain and low oxygen levels, rescuers managed to free the first four boys successfully on July 8.