Best answer: What makes Indonesian music unique compare it to Philippine music?

What makes Philippine music unique?

Such is the case of Philippine music which today is regarded as a unique blending of two great musical traditions – the East and the West. … The majority of Philippine Music revolves around cultural influences from the West, due primarily to the Spanish and American rule for over three centuries.

What is the difference between gamelan in Indonesia and Kulintang in the Philippines?

Gamelan is a combination of musical instruments that highlight the xylophone, metallophones, drums, and gongs. … While kulintang is a musical instrument that originated from North Sulawesi.

What is Philippines known for music?

The Philippines music are a mix of European, American and native sounds. Influenced by the music of the Philippines 377 year-long heritage of colonial Spain, Western rock and roll, hip-hop and popular music from the United States, the folk music of population Austronesian and Indo-Malayan music Gamelan.

How do you describe the elements of music of Indonesia?

The gamelan is the main element of traditional Indonesian music. The instruments in a gamelan are composed of sets of tuned bronze gongs, gong-chimes, metallophones, drums, one or more flute, bowed and plucked string instruments, and sometimes singers. … The most popular gamelan can be found in Java, and Bali.

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What makes OPM original Pilipino music unique?

As discussed, The Eraserheads were likened to the Beatles and the music of VST & Company possesses elements of disco rock. However, one thing that makes OPM so unique to Filipinos is its use of various Filipino traditions – specifically the Harana and the Kundiman.

What are the unique characteristics of 20th century music which are present in Philippine music?


  • Melody.
  • Dissonance & Consonance.
  • Tonality.
  • Texture.

What is difference between gamelan and kulintang?

A gamelan ensemble consists of a variety of metal percussion instruments, usually made of bronze or brass, including xylophones, drums, and gongs. … And yes, Gamelan is the bigger brother of kulintang tradition of the Philippines.

What is Kumintang in the Philippines?

The kumintang is the name given to several distinct styles, techniques and forms in music and dance originating in the areas used by early Spanish cartographers and chronicles to denote a large province centering around what is known as Batangas.

What is Philippine kulintang ensemble?

A Maguindanaoan kulintang ensemble is a gong-chime collection of instruments important to the musical culture of the Maguindanao people in the Southern Philippines. … The main melodic instrument, called the kulintang, consists of eight knobbed bronze gongs that are graduated in pitch.

How would you describe Filipino music?

Filipino music tells the story of the Philippines’ always-international history though its melodies, rhythms and choice of instruments. … and other stringed instruments, is another traditional Spanish-Philippine folk style that became popular in the 1960s.

What are the significant song in the Philippine society?

1. Bayan Ko, 1928. The kundiman is considered the unofficial national anthem of the Philippines. It was composed for the zarzuela Walang Sugat with music by Constancio de Guzman and words by the great poet Jose Corazon de Jesus.

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What is Philippine modern music?

The modern Filipino repertoire consist of pieces that have been written in twentieth century idioms that have evolved out of such stylistic movements as impressionism, expressionism, neo-classism, as well as the so-called avant-garde and New Music.