Can you use WhatsApp in Indonesia?


Does WhatsApp work in Indonesia?

There are approximately 39 million users of WhatsApp in Indonesia, making it the country’s fourth most popular messaging app. It is also a mainstay for communicating within bureaucratic and political circles in Indonesia. A screenshot of the GIF keyboard found within WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp free in Indonesia?

WhatsApp isn’t free. But when WhatsApp starts being strict in charging Indonesian users the annual fee, there will be a lot of people considering moving to other – and totally free – messaging services instead. …

How can I get WhatsApp number in Indonesia?

If you want to create a link to WhatsApp for a phone in Indonesia you need to add +62 to your phone number. If you need to create a link to your WhatsApp number you need to use your phone number without any special character.

Why is WhatsApp popular in Indonesia?

Wahyudi Djafar, a personal data protection researcher at Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy, said that despite the increased downloads of other messaging apps, WhatsApp would remain dominant in Indonesia because “it is the most user-friendly private messaging app at the moment”.

Is Facebook available in Indonesia?

In 2020, Around 61.7 percent of the population in Indonesia used Facebook. As of July 2021, Facebook had the largest market share among other social media platforms in Indonesia, with a market share of about 70 percent.

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Does Indonesia use messenger?

Indonesia is a famously chat-happy nation. According to Inmobi’s report “State of mobile messaging in Indonesia,” 97 percent of mobile users in Indonesia access messaging apps multiple times in a day, and have an average of 3.6 different messaging apps installed on their phone.

Does Indonesia use WeChat?

Bank Indonesia (BI) has officially granted China-based e-wallet heavyweight WeChat Pay a permit to operate in the country. BI deputy governor Sugeng said the central bank granted the permit on Jan. 1. “WeChat Pay is now legal [in the country],” he said on Saturday as quoted by via Kontan.

Is WeChat popular in Indonesia?

WeChat Tops Indonesia’s iOS and Android Charts Thanks to TV Ads [VIDEO] The China-based messaging app WeChat is seeing explosive growth in Indonesia right now. WeChat has reached the number one overall position on the country’s iOS and Android charts a few days ago.

Which app is popular in Indonesia?

Top Social Networking Apps in Indonesia of IOS App Store

Free Apps
1 WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Inc.
2 Facebook Facebook, Inc.
3 Telegram Messenger Telegram FZ-LLC
4 Messenger Facebook, Inc.

Is BiP more secure than WhatsApp?

In an online discussion panel hosted by the Turkish Computer Engineers Chamber, experts cautioned that neither Telegram nor Turkey’s domestic alternative BiP were any more secure than Whatsapp, and, in some ways, even less safe.