Does Malaysia have sharks?

How many sharks are there in Malaysia?

According to the department, there are 68 shark species found in Malaysian waters , where efficient management of resources, the marine ecosystems and coastal areas contribute to the survival of the fish.

Is shark illegal in Malaysia?

Shark finning is not illegal in Malaysia and although it is believed to be rare, cases of fins without the associated carcass is common, and allows for the trade of fins from unidentified, unaccounted and threatened species.

Is there sharks in Langkawi?

Sharks and crocs are not in the waters of Langkawi anymore. At the area where you intend to go many people go for a swim directely from the beach and I would say it must be very safe.

Why are shark fins valuable?

Shark fins are particularly sought after for traditional Chinese medicine and shark fin soup which is considered a delicacy in Asia. Catalyzed by the shark fin trade, large shark populations are declining globally, and many species are imminently threatened with extinction.

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