Frequent question: What is the gong circles in Cambodia?

What is a gong circle?

A gong chime is a generic term for a set of small, high-pitched bossed pot gongs. … The frames can be rectangular or circular (the latter are sometimes called “gong circles”), and may have one or two rows of gongs. They are played by one to four musicians, each using two padded sticks to strike them.

What is korng Vung?

The korng thomm plays a melodic line in the Pinn Peat ensemble almost identical to that of the roneat thung large xylophone. … He tunes the individual gongs by dripping into the upturned boss a mixture of mud-lead, rice husks, and beeswax. The small gong circle, korng tauch, closely resembles its larger relative.

What sounds ching?

There are two main sounds produced with the Chhing. The “chop” sound is produced on strong beats by bringing the two Chhing squarely together, while the “cheung” sound is produced on weaker beats by hitting the Chhing together obliquely with a slashing motion – as in the picture.

What is ching chap?

A chap or chhap (Thai: ฉาบ, Khmer: ឆាប) is a percussion instrument. It is made from bronze, as is a ching, but is thinner. The chap consists of two thin, round disks or plates with a bulge in the center. … A chap lek’s diameter is 12–14 cm. A chap yai’s diameter is 24–26 cm.

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