Frequent question: Where is the last Vietnam lighter?

What they carried lighter locations?

Collect the Lighters

  • Treehouse Bunker north of Cedar Lake close to where the river flows in. …
  • Whitetail Park Visitor Center, west of the Wolf’s Den. …
  • Look for the cabin between Clagett Bay and Langford Lake, north of Widow’s Creek.
  • Elliot Residence north of the Cult’s Compound, east of the Moccasin River.

What they carried locations?

The Things They Carried is primarily set in the country of Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. While Americans were involved in the war from 1955 to 1975, the specific characters in the stories are shown in Vietnam from roughly 1969 to 1971. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country bordering Cambodia and Laos.

What they carried Far Cry 5 reward?

The reward is bunker access to stuff they put away “just in case”. The lighters are spread out over all three areas. There is a map to them you kind find which I had so after taming the south I set off with a helicopter to collect them thinking that a quest all over everywhere like this must have a good reward.

What they carried Far Cry 5 location?

The cabin is located right in between Langford Lake and Clagett Bay, and is north of Widow’s Creek.

Does Far Cry 5 have cheats?

Currently, there are no cheats for Far Cry 5 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. So you will only be able to use the above cheat codes & console commands in the PC version of the game.

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Where is the key to the Elliot residence bunker?

Finding the Stash

Get up onto the roof of the house from the back side and go through a broken window. Find the bathroom and from there, climb up on top of the roof. Turn right and go into another broken window and back into the house. Look for a key next to a corpse downstairs.