Frequent question: Which network is better in Malaysia?

Which network is the best in Malaysia?

Maxis came out on top and won the Opensignal Games Experience award with a score of 55.3 out of a possible 100, ahead of Unifi in second place by 3.9 points. Celcom and DiGi followed closely behind, statistically tied with scores just above 50 points, while U Mobile was just one point shy of the 50-point mark.

Which mobile network is the best in Malaysia 2021?

Unifi wins the 4G Availability award outright

Meanwhile Celcom’s score was statistically unchanged compared to our previous report. In addition, Unifi is the only operator with a score of 90% or more and commands a lead of 2.7 percentage points over Celcom and Maxis, both statistically tied for second place.

Which is the fastest network in Malaysia?

Maxis is the King of Speed

Maxis won Opensignal’s Download Speed Experience award and reclaimed the Upload Speed award from Celcom, with our users on Maxis averaging 17.7 Mbps and 6.6 Mbps in each category respectively.

Is Maxis or Celcom better?

Despite its poor showing for download, video, gaming and voice app experience, Celcom still leads when it comes to mobile coverage. In terms of 4G coverage experience, Celcom has the most points at 8.9, followed by Digi at 8.2 and Maxis at 8.1.

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Is Celcom better than Digi?

Celcom and DiGi remained in the Good rating category, as Celcom’s Video Experience score dipped by 2 points while Digi’s grew by 1.3 points to score 61.5 and 57.5 respectively.

Why is Malaysia WiFi so slow?

Your WiFi connection could slow down if there are too many users on your network. Reduce the number of users on your network at any one time or change your WiFi password once every 3 months to prevent squatters from freeloading off your WiFi network.

How fast is Digi 4G?

Digi: 8.44Mbps. U Mobile: 6.23Mbps.

Which Internet speed is faster in Malaysia?

Based on the stats, Petaling Jaya has the fastest mean fixed broadband speed during Q3 2021, going up to 129.74 Mbps for downloads and 89.11 Mbps for uploads. Meanwhile, Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur rank second and third, followed by two Johor cities, Nusajaya and Johor Bahru in fourth and fifth.

Which telco has 5G in Malaysia?

The mobile telecommunications provider in Malaysia, Celcom Axiata Bhd is prepared to launch its 5G technology services by the end of this year.

Why is Maxis so slow?

There may be many reasons to this. It might be that your internet pass has been fully depleted. You can check it by logging into the MyMaxis App. If you still have remaining quota, check whether other Maxis users within the same area are facing the same slow network issue.