How do I call Johor Mobile from Singapore?

How do I call JB handphone from Singapore?

To call Malaysia from Singapore, dial: XX – 60 – Area Code – Land phone number XX – 60 – 9 or 10 Digit Mobile phone number.

How do I call a Malaysian mobile from overseas?

If you’re trying to dial into Malaysia, the international country code is: +60.

An example of a Malaysian phone number

  1. 011 – the exit code used when calling abroad from the US.
  2. 60 – the Malaysian country code.
  3. 3 – Kuala Lumpur’s city code.
  4. 2168-5000 – the local US Embassy phone number.

How do I call a mobile phone in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s country code is 60. For calls to Malaysia from Australia dial: 0011 + 60 + area code + telephone number. For calls from Malaysia to Australia dial: 00 + 61 + area code + telephone number.

How do you call a 019 IDD?

To use this service, simply dial 019

on your mobile phone. If you have queries about Singtel’s v019 service, please call 104.

How do you dial 60?

Malaysia Country Code 60 Country Code MY.

How do you enter a mobile number with a country code?

The UK mobile phone number ‘07911 123456’ in international format is ‘+44 7911 123456‘, so without the first zero.

To use the previous example:

  1. Country code: +44.
  2. National destination code: 7911.
  3. Subscriber number: 123456.
  4. The result: +447911123456.
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How do I call a number in Malaysia?

Dial Malaysia’s country code “60.” Each country has a unique country code that must be used anytime you are calling from another country. When trying to direct international calls to Malaysia, you must dial “60” directly following India’s exit code,“00.” Your call from India to Malaysia will start with “00-60.”

How do I dial an 03 number?

Australia uses eight digit local phone numbers preceded by a two digit STD area code.

Area codes.

Area code 03
Region South East
State or territory Victoria, Tasmania
Capital city Melbourne, Hobart

What does +60 mean in a phone number?

If you’re trying to dial into Malaysia, the international country code is: +60.

How do you call a mobile phone number?

To make a call to India, you first need to dial the 91 country code . In case you are calling landline number in India, dial the STD code (without the 0) followed by the landline phone number. If you are looking to call a mobile phone, just dial 91 followed by the ten digit mobile phone number.

Is calling 1800 free from mobile?

Toll-free number 1800 is free for both landline and mobile. But, many service providers are offering toll-free number 1300 where consumers are charged for using the services. This is unfair as service providers should provide customer service and assistance free of charge.

How do I call hotline?

To call a landline number in the province using your Globe or Smart cellphone, just follow this format:

  1. Area Code + 7-Digit Landline Number.
  2. 2 + 8-Digit Landline Number.
  3. 0 + Area Code + 7-Digit Landline Number.
  4. 0 + 2 + 8-Digit Landline Number.
  5. +63 + Area Code + 7-Digit Landline Number.
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