How do you count to 5 in Indonesia?

How do you say 10 in Indonesian?

If you’re new to Indonesian numbers, you’ve got a lovely surprise coming.

1. The Number System – Zero to Ten.

English Indonesian
“Seven” Tujuh
“Eight” Delapan
“Nine” Sembilan
“Ten” Sepuluh

How do you say 1000 in Indonesian?

Fira: Let’s start with the number “1,000.” In Indonesian, you can say ‘Seribu. ‘

How do you count to 6 in Indonesia?

Counting From Zero To Twenty In Indonesian

  1. Zero — nol.
  2. One — satu.
  3. Two — dua.
  4. Three — tiga.
  5. Four — empat.
  6. Five — lima.
  7. Six — enam.
  8. Seven — tujuh.

How do I call a mobile in Indonesia?

Mobile phone numbers do not have a city or local area code, and begin with an 8 followed by a long string of numbers. Dial Indonesia’s country code (62) followed by the number. To place a call within Indonesia: You must use the area code if calling between states.

How do you say five in Malay?

Lesson 3: Numbers (1-10)

  1. satu. one.
  2. dua. two.
  3. tiga. three.
  4. empat. four.
  5. lima. five.
  6. enam. six.
  7. tujuh. seven.
  8. lapan. eight.

What are the numbers 1 to 10 in Japanese?

Basic Japanese counting: 1 to 10 in Japanese

Nr. Sino-Japanese reading Kanji
8 はち (hachi) 八つ
9 く、きゅう (ku, kyuu) 九つ
10 じゅう (juu)
れい、ゼロ、マル (rei, zero, maru)
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How do you count in French?

In French, it’s as simple as un, deux, trois.

  1. zéro (zeh-ro)
  2. un (uh)
  3. deux (duh)
  4. trois (twah)
  5. quatre (kat-ruh)
  6. cinq (sank)
  7. six (sees)
  8. sept (set)