How do you say hello in Malaysia?

How do u say hello in Malaysia?

Saying Hello

All greetings in Malaysia begin with the word selamat (sounds like “suh-lah-mat”), which also means “safe.” Selamat is then followed with the appropriate phase of the day: Good Morning: Selamat pagi (sounds like “pag-ee”) Good Afternoon: Selamat tengah hari (sounds like “teen-gah har-ee”)

How do I speak Malaysia?

It is spoken by much of the Malaysian population, although most learn a vernacular form of Malay or other native language first.

Malaysian language.

Writing system Latin (Rumi) Arabic (Jawi) Malaysian Braille
Signed forms Bahasa Malaysia Kod Tangan
Official status
Official language in Malaysia

How do you say hello in Singapore?

Hello – Ni hao (Nee how) How are you? – Ni hao ma? (Nee how ma) Very good – Hen hao (hun hao)

Is Malay easy to learn?

Malay has no conjugations, no plurals, no gender, and best of all – no verb tenses! Add that to the fact that the modern Malay alphabet uses the Latin alphabet, and it’s easy to see why it’s considered to be one of the easiest Asian languages to learn.

What does Apa khabar mean?

Apa Khabar mean How Are You.

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