How many provinces does Khmer have in Vietnam?

Are Vietnamese people Khmer?

Vietnamese Cambodians refer to ethnic group of Vietnamese living in Cambodia or Vietnamese whom are of full or partial Khmer descent. According to Cambodian sources, in 2013 there are about 15,000 Vietnamese people living in Cambodia.


Population history
Year Number
2008 72,775
2013 14,678

Are Khmer and Vietnamese related?

According to ethnologue, Vietnamese, Mon and Khmer belong to the same language family, viz. Austro-Asiatic. Thai and Lao belong to a completely different language family, viz.

Are Khmer Indian?

Genetics. The Khmer people are genetically closely related to other Southeast Asian populations. They show strong genetic relation to other Austroasiatic people in Southeast Asia and East Asia and have a minor genetic influence from Indian people.

Where is Khmer Krom?

The Khmer Krom (literally, the ‘Khmer from Below’ (the Mekong)) mainly inhabit the Mekong delta region in the south-west of Vietnam.

Are Vietnamese and Cambodian the same?

Vietnam vs Cambodia article is a simple comparison between the two countries. The fact is, they were one united country a few hundred years ago. Today, Vietnam and Cambodia are neighboring countries. Cambodia has 1,137 km of the border with Vietnam to the east and southeast.

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