How many suburbs are there in Yangon?

Which township is the best in Yangon?

1. Sanchaung Township. Sanchaung is a popular destination for young professionals moving to Yangon. If you are looking for an up and coming area, with plenty of Expats, bars and convenient places to eat.

How many wards are there in Yangon?

Ward shp file (polygons) for Yangon city which includes the 33 townships of YCDC area. Includes 636 wards. Please take 30 seconds to help HDX and Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) understand your interest in this data.

Where do most expats live in Yangon?

Most often, you will probably be around the Yankin, Dagon, Pazundaung, or Sanchaung areas – the latter is the expat hub of Yangon, so don’t be surprised if your job, house, or both will be in this area.

How many towns are there in Myanmar?

Lashio is the country’s largest town, with about 144,000 people. About 236 Myanmar towns have populations of over 5,000 people.


Name 2021 Population
Kyain Seikgyi Township 246,065
Bago 244,376
Pathein 237,089
Monywa 182,011

How many villages and towns are there in Myanmar?

A village (Burmese: ကျေးရွာ, kyei-ywa; or ရွာ, ywa) is the smallest subdivision of Myanmar’s rural village tracts. As of August 2015, there are 70,838 villages in Myanmar.

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