How much does AC cost in Vietnam?

How much is an air conditioner in Vietnam?

-> The minimum total cost of equipment and central air conditioning system installation is: 198 + 99 = VND 297 million. Thus, the lowest investment cost for the central air-conditioning system is about VND 297 million, and if adding a complete ventilation system, another VND 100 million will be added.

Does Vietnam have air conditioning?

With a population of more than 90 million, Vietnam is seen as a promising air conditioner market, with just 17 percent of Vietnamese households owning an air conditioner as of last year, according to British research firm Euromonitor International.

How much does AC usually cost per month?

This setup will cost you $3.70 per day to run. Per month, that comes out to $110.88. On the higher end (running for more time each day in a large space),’s 2017 estimates place central AC cooling homes of over 1,200 square feet at an average cost about $245 per month.

How much does AC typically cost?

Air Conditioner Costs by Type

Type Unit Cost AC Installation Cost
Type Unit Cost AC Installation Cost
Central air conditioner $1,200–$4,500 $1,200–$2,200
Window AC unit $150–$750 N/A*
Ductless mini-split $1,000–$5,500 $500–$2,000
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How much is electricity in Vietnam?

In 2020, the average electricity retail price in Vietnam was at eight U.S. cents per kilowatt hour.

How much does it cost to run AC for 8 hours?

If you run your AC for 8 hours per day, that adds up to an average cost of $2.51 to $4.18 each day. These averages give you a good idea of how much it costs to run an air conditioner. But it’s important to know that these are just averages.

Are AC expensive to run?

On average, running an air conditioner costs between $0.06 and $0.88 per hour. Let’s calculate how much does air conditioning cost per month (running 8h per day): Low end: $14.40/month. High end: $211.20/month.

How many hours should AC run per day?

The compressor alone consumes 90-95% of the power for the entire AC system. If your AC capacity is right according to your room size then for moderate summers(not too high), the compressor may run for 70-80% of the time. This would be 16-19 hours a day. This goes for both window and split AC.