Is paracetamol illegal in Thailand?

Is paracetamol banned in Thailand?

Paracetamol and Inuprofen in particular are readily available in handy plastic strips. Only narcotics and psychotropic drugs are controlled. It’s anyway extremely unlikely anyone’s even going to check your luggage in Thailand or the neighbouring countries.

What medications are banned in Thailand?

2522 (1979), e.g. Amphetamine, Dexamphetamine, Cannabis, etc. These substances are prohibited and have been determined to have no medical use in Thailand. Psychotropic substances: Psychotropic substances of Category 1 under The Psychotropic Substances Act B.E. 2518 (1975) e.g. Cathinone, THC.

Can I bring my prescription drugs to Thailand?

Travel with prescription medicine containing Narcotic Drugs/Psychotropic substances into/out of Thailand. Check if your medicine has any substance on the list. You can only bring medication for a maximum of 30 days use. And it has to be in its original package.

Do you need a prescription for medicine in Thailand?

You will find that many antibiotics, antimalarials, birth control pills, and thyroid medications are available without prescriptions in pharmacies. … You will find large chain pharmacies in Thailand, including the British chain Boots, the Asian chain Watsons, and the local chain Goodwill.

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Can I buy paracetamol in Thailand?

Acetaminophen or paracetamol is one of the most widely used over-the-counter analgesic and antipyretic medications. Many different brands of acetaminophen tablets are available in Thailand market where people can easily access medicines.

What is ibuprofen called in Thailand?

List of brands

Name Countries
Ibugan Thailand
Ibugel UK
Ibuflam Germany, South Africa
Ibugesic Latvia

What should I avoid in Thailand?

Top 10 things to avoid in Thailand

  • Swim at the southern Andaman beaches in the low season. …
  • Hire a motorbike. …
  • Go to tiger or animal shows. …
  • Go to zoos. …
  • Ride an elephant. …
  • Get in a taxi or tuk tuk before negotiating your fare. …
  • Sign contracts without advice from a qualified Thai lawyer. …
  • Get in an argument with Thai police.

Is codeine OTC in Thailand?

In Thailand codeine is also a prescription-only drug that requires a medical certificate or prescription written by a licensed medical doctor. However, possession of a drug in Thailand without a medical certificate can lead to detention and authorized drug testing.

Is viagra legal in Thailand?

Under Thailand’s drug rules, Viagra is not available in drug stores, but is sold only in hospital pharmacies with a prescription from a urologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist or psychiatrist for 400 baht (10 dollars) a dose.

Is methadone legal in Thailand?

Methadone in Thailand has been decreasing in it’s popularity to use as an opioid replacement drug. … They have not been approved by the FDA of Thailand. They can be obtained under prescription from neighboring countries by a fully licensed doctor.

Is Xanax illegal in Thailand?

Thailand has strict controls over medical grade pain killers and stimulants, but anti-anxiety medications classified as benzodiazepine (Valium, Xanax, Ativan, etc… ) are the number one addicted prescription drug type.

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Is Ritalin legal in Thailand?

Ritalin is widely prescribed in Thailand, and you should be able to obtain it in a hospital clinic.