Is Philippine English a legitimate variety of English?

How valid is Philippines English?

The Philippines is recognized globally as one of the largest English-speaking nations with majority of its population having at least some degree of fluency in the language. English has always been one of the official languages of the Philippines and is spoken by more than 14 million Filipinos.

Why Philippine English has become an accepted variety of English?

Due to the influx of Filipino English teachers overseas, Philippine English is also becoming the prevalent variety of English being learned in the Far East as taught by Filipino teachers in various Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and Thailand, among others.

What is the variety of Philippine English?

In the implementing 1987 Constitution, English is regarded as one of the two official languages of the Philippines, the other one being the national language Filipino.

Philippine English.

No. Feature Value
83 Comparatives and superlatives of participles D – attested absence of feature

What is the difference between Philippine English to other English varieties?

Filipino English and American English are often compared due to their similarities in pronunciation and spelling. … Due to this influence, the Filipino English accent is almost the same as the American English accent except for the fact that it’s a little strong compared to the latter.

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Why do Filipino students have difficulty speaking in English?

Discrimination as a Problem

Most Filipinos from the age of teens to middle-aged who have not been able to pursue college can speak basic English because they’ve learned it from school for many years since elementary to high school.

Why do Filipinos have bad grammar?

ALTHOUGH most Filipinos are not native English speakers, they have little difficulty in speaking grammatically correct English. Fifty percent of the problems in English grammar are because of changes in the ending of words. This is because Filipino languages do not have words that change their endings.

Is the Philippine English a standard English what does it mean if it is standard English?

There is no such thing as Standard Philippine English. … English is one of our two official languages.

Is there a correct variety of English?

There is no sense in which English is “correct” and Welsh is “wrong”: they’re different languages with different grammars, and one of them has many more speakers worldwide than the other. … Standard English and non-standard varieties all have complex grammatical structures.

How English came to have an official in the Philippines?

English was introduced into the Philippines during the US colonial occupation and civil regime in the early 1900s and has now become the second official language. In fact, Tagalog and English compete in the various domains of Filipino society such as business, government, broadcast media, publications, and education.