Is Raya Filipino inspired?

Is Raya Vietnamese or Filipino?

It was later announced by producer Osnat Shurer that Kelly Marie Tran would be playing the role of Raya, and the transition was made because “there was a key change to Raya’s character.” It’s reasonable to conclude that Raya, played by Vietnamese American Kelly Marie Tran, is actually Vietnamese.

Is Raya and The Last Dragon a Filipino movie?

FILIPINOS IN DISNEY. John Aquino and Mikee Sevilla both worked in ‘Raya and the Last Dragon. ‘ … John worked as the environment modeling lead in Raya and the Last Dragon, which features the first Disney Southeast Asian princess (voiced by Kelly Marie Tran) and is the first Disney animated film set in that region.

What race is Raya and The Last Dragon?

They are respectively Chinese and Korean American, Korean American, and British Chinese. Voice actors have been fighting to win roles that reflect their ethnicity, a fact that led to early criticism around Raya and its casting.

Is Namaari Filipino?

Namaari is Raya’s arch-nemesis. She, unlike Raya, who is Cambodian, is of Philippine descent and her main goal is to (supposedly) take Raya’s dragons.

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