Is the highest point in Viet Nam?

How much does it cost to climb Fansipan?

The cost varies depending on whether you’ll hike Mount Fansipan in a day or over two days. Since we’re focusing on a one day trip, many Sapa trekking companies charge between $60-$80 USD per person.

Where are the two highest points in Asia located?

List of highest points of Asian countries

Rank Country Highest point
1 China Mount Everest
N/A Cyprus Mount Olympus
25 East Timor Tatamailau
30 Egypt Mount Catherine

What are the highest and lowest points in Asia?

The highest point on Earth, Mt. Everest is in Asia (on the border of Tibet and Nepal). Mt. Everest is 29,028 ft.

The Lowest Point on Each Continent in Order :

Continent Lowest Point (in feet and meters below sea level)
Asia Dead Sea, 1341 ft below sea level (409 m bsl)
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