Question: Do Thai people eat cereal?

Do they eat cereal in Thailand?

Breakfast cereals saw stockpiling during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly among people in urban areas who were forced to self-quarantine. Consumers can eat breakfast cereals as both a breakfast meal and a snack.

What do Thai people normally eat?

Most Thai meals consist or rice or noodles eaten with grilled fish, and fresh vegetables, which are sometimes grown around the house, and to a lesser extent chicken and pork, flavored with nam pla (a salty fish sauce), nam phrik (shrimp paste dip), lemon grass, pungent shrimp paste, coconut milk or cham pla (a …

What do Thai people drink for breakfast?

One of the most noteworthy breakfast refreshments of them all is one of Thailand’s most famous drinks: Thai milk tea. It’s bright orange color often puts off skeptical visitors, but after having a sip of this mouthwatering beverage, guests will likely change their tune.

How often do Thai people eat?

Most Thais eat three meals a day, though it is very common to see people snacking almost all of the time. It is hard not to, as there are so many vendors and stalls selling bite-size, on-the-go snacks in the streets of Thailand. Lunch and dinner foods can easily be substituted as breakfast.

Is Thai food similar to Chinese?

While some may see these two different cuisines as interchangeable, they’re completely different from one another with very little in common. Both Thai and Chinese foods make use of noodles and rice in their dishes, and that’s where their similarities begin and end.

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What do Thai people speak?

Thai language, also called Siamese, the standard spoken and literary language of Thailand, belonging to the Tai language family of Southeast Asia.

Can you eat eggs in Thailand?

In general, Thai people are more used to eating chicken eggs. Egg dishes are usually prepared by tod (fry), yam (spicy salad) and gaeng (soup). The most common dish is fried egg (kai dao) served for breakfast. … Fried eggs can be well cooked, medium or slightly cooked, depending on preference.