Question: Is there a Philippine Embassy in Atlanta?

Is there a Philippine Embassy in Atlanta Georgia?

4035 Stovall Terrace, N.E. The Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Atlanta, Georgia is processing legalization/authentication of documents by mail. … For other consular concerns, please contact the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. at

What countries have consulates in Atlanta?

Foreign consulates in Atlanta

  • Argentina – Consulate General.
  • Bahamas – Consulate General.
  • Barbados – Consulate.
  • Belgium – Consulate General.
  • Belize – Consulate.
  • Brazil – Consulate General.
  • Bulgaria – Consulate.
  • Canada – Consulate General.

Where can I apply for Philippine passport in USA?

You must go into a Philippine embassy or consulate general in order to apply for a passport renewal. Because of the introduction of the ePassport, applicants will no longer have to submit photos as pictures, signatures and fingerprints will be taken again on site.

How can I get Philippines visa from USA?

In order to apply for a Philippines eTA visa waiver for US citizens, the traveler will need to access the Philippines visa portal online. The website allows foreigners to fill out the application for the eTA using an online form.

Is there a Philippine consulate in Dallas Texas?

Contact details for the Philippine consulate in Dallas

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The consulate of the Philippines in Dallas is located at 8315 Navisota Drive and can be contacted by telephone on (940) 728-2222 as well as by email

Is there a Philippine consulate in Seattle Washington?

SEATTLE, WA – The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco provided a total of 1,778 consular services to Filipinos and Filipino Americans in Washington State during its consular outreach mission on 21-24 July 2021 at the International Drop-In Center (IDIC) on Beacon Hill in Seattle.

How many foreign consulates are in Atlanta?

There are 178 embassies and consulates in the United States and the state of Atlanta in Georgia is home to 71 of them. Atlanta has the seventh-highest number of consulates in the US.

How many embassies are in Atlanta?

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Atlanta. Atlanta is home to 26 diplomatic missions, the seventh-highest concentration of diplomatic missions in the U.S. The following are countries which have established a resident consular presence in Atlanta.

Is there an Italian consulate in Atlanta?

The consulate general of Italy in Atlanta is located at 225 Peachtree Street, N.E. and can be contacted by telephone on 404-855-4851 as well as by email