Question: Where can I eat traditional breakfast in Singapore?

What is the typical breakfast in Singapore?

A classic Singaporean breakfast, Kaya Toast, half-boiled eggs and coffee are a personal favourite breakfast, especially after travels away from home. Kaya is a sweet coconut jam and is usually served in between two slices of toasted bread, alongside two half-boiled eggs that can be seasoned with soy sauce and pepper.

How do you eat Ya Kun kaya toast?

How to Eat It. Although you may take your kaya toast straight, do like the locals do and dip the bread in a duo of soft-boiled eggs dashed with dark soy sauce and a dusting of white pepper. (Eggs are usually served in the shell, so you’ll do the cracking tableside.)

Is kaya Malaysian or Singaporean?

Kaya, in Malaysia, is the name given to coconut jam and kaya toast is the most traditional Singaporean breakfast in Singapore and Malaysia, where it is also called roti kahwin (wedding bread).

What is typical Singaporean food?

Singaporean food can be divided into five types: meat, seafood, rice, noodles, dessert and snacks. Singapore is especially renowned for its seafood. Chili crab and black pepper crab are two quintessential dishes that dominate the scene and are greatly recommended to tourists. Another favourite is sambal stingray.

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What goes well with Kaya Toast?

It is the perfect snack that goes very well with a cup of local kopi (coffee) or teh (tea)—charcoal-grilled or toasted slices of bread enveloping slivers of cold butter and a generous spread of kaya (a traditional jam made from coconut and eggs). Some eat this toasted sandwich for breakfast, others prefer it for tea.

What does kaya go with?

Try adding or replacing condiments like blueberry jam on pancakes, and butter cream on crackers, with kaya for a new taste experience. If you’ve never tried it before, kaya goes really well with a lot of French pastries like croissants, eclairs and mille-feuille. Try it out as a spread or filling for these baked goods.

How do you order Ya Kun Kaya Toast?

You can now order your favourite kaya toast and traditional kopi/teh online and enjoy them at the comfort of your home or office! Simply click on the ‘Shop Now‘ button on our Facebook page to start ordering your favourite Kaya Toast and coffee!

What does kaya mean?

What does kaya mean? Kaya is a slang word for marijuana closely associated with Bob Marley.

Why is kaya called kaya?

The name ‘kaya’ was probably given by the Malays who refer to it as Seri Kaya. Kaya in Malay means rich, and is probably a reference to the extremely rich texture of the product. A community of Malays known as the Nonya, who use a lot of pandan leaves in their cuisine, later added pandan as an ingredient in kaya.

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