Quick Answer: What does ULOL mean in Philippines?

What does ULOL mean in Filipino?

(Ulol) means (stupid) something like that.

Why ULOL is a bad word?

Gago is a descendant of the Spanish word gago, which means “stutterer”, but means “stupid”, “foolish” or “ignorant” in Tagalog. … Ulol, loko, and sira ulo can be used similarly, but they are not interchangeable; they also imply madness or mental retardation on top of stupidity.

How do you curse in Filipino?

16 Totally Useful Filipino Swear Words And How To Use Them

  1. “Hudas” Isabelle Laureta for BuzzFeed. …
  2. “Putang ina” Isabelle Laureta for BuzzFeed. …
  3. “Lintik” Isabelle Laureta for BuzzFeed. …
  4. “Ulol” Isabelle Laureta for BuzzFeed. …
  5. “Gago” Isabelle Laureta for BuzzFeed. …
  6. “Tarantado” Isabelle Laureta for BuzzFeed. …
  7. “Buwisit” …
  8. “Burat”

Is ULOL bad word in Bible?

“Ulol”, a bad word from the Philippines, is the worst bad word in the bible.

What is Yawa in Tagalog?

@Xixi102 It’s not really Tagalog, but it’s Bisaya meaning devil or evil spirit. But it is used as expression in “Yawa ka” meaning “You’re bad”.

What does ULOL mean on a drug test?

ULOL- The upper limit of linearity is defined as the highest concentration of analyte that exhibit acceptable chromatography, ion ratios within ± 20% of the calibrator and a calculated concentration of the highest standard is within ± 20% of the target concentration.

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What is the baddest word in the Bible?

Sin is the most widely used bad word in the Bible, but it actually has a few different meanings. In its most basic form, sin simply means to miss the mark or fall short of a goal.

What does LOL mean in Philippines?

How would you say LOL in tagalog? LOL stands for “laugh(ing) out loud“. Tumatawa ng malakas.

What does Tarantado mean in Filipino?

Tarantado is a derogaroty term and often used a swear word. It basically means any of the following: jerk, retard, dumbass, fool, etc.