Quick Answer: Why is it important for Thailand to protect its elephant population?

Why is it important to save elephant populations?

Elephants help maintain forest and savanna ecosystems for other species and are integrally tied to rich biodiversity. Elephants are important ecosystem engineers. They make pathways in dense forested habitat that allow passage for other animals.

Why are elephants so important in Thailand?

Elephants abound in Thai art and popular culture. … The national symbol of Thailand, elephants are admired for their strength, endurance and intelligence. They have long had a role in Thai society; elephants were used in warfare centuries ago, and they also hauled logs and farm produce.

Are elephants protected in Thailand?

Wild elephants are protected in Thailand by national laws and the CITES Treaty.

How are elephants helpful to the environment?

Elephants are “ecosystem engineers”: They push over trees to maintain savanna ecosystems, excavate waterholes and fertilize land, which helps other animals thrive.

Why is it important for elephants to live in herds?

The role of family in elephants

Elephants live in families that are called herds. … The entire family makes decisions together for the safety of each other and to find the necessary resources for survival. Not only do they help each other find resources, but they also help each other with offspring care.

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What role do elephants play in Thailand?

Elephants played an important role in industry and agriculture. Elephants were once a vital part of Thailand’s logging industry, with the gigantic creatures used to drag heavy logs from deep within dense forests. They were also once used as agricultural animals, helping farmers with heavy labour and transportation.

Why are elephants important in India?

Over 80 percent of Indians are Hindus, and to members of the Hindu religion, the elephant is a sacred animal. Elephants are sacred animals to Hindus. It is the living incarnation of one of their most important gods: Ganesh, an elephant-headed deity who rides atop a tiny mouse.