What are the programs in the Philippines?

What are government programs?

Government Programs are offered in a variety of forms, which typically provide assistance and relief to individuals in need; the nature of being in the state of ‘need’ can vary depending on the expressed details of a given situation – Government Programs can include insurance, financial assistance, housing assistance,

What are the government programs on science and technology in the Philippines?

Central Office

  • DOST Gender and Development Program (DOST-GAD)
  • DOST Human Resource Program.
  • DOST-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DOST-JSPS) Joint Scientific Cooperation Program.
  • Evaluation of S&T Personnel of Non-DOST Agencies Under R.A. 8439 (Magna Carta for S&T Workers)

What are the major development program in the Philippines?

The main public research performing organisations are the seven R&D institutes: the Advanced Science and Technology Institute, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, the Forest Products Research and Development Institute, the Industrial Technology Development Institute, the Metals Industry Research and Development …

What is the purpose of government programs?

Governments provide the parameters for everyday behavior for citizens, protect them from outside interference, and often provide for their well-being and happiness.

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What are government healthcare programs?

The six major government health care programs—Medicare, Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), the Department of Defense TRICARE and TRICARE for Life programs (DOD TRICARE), the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) program, and the Indian Health Service (IHS) program—provide health care …

What are the programs supported by the Philippine government through the DOST?

Programs and Services

  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization. …
  • Technical and Consultancy Services. …
  • Regional Standards and Testing Laboratories (RSTL) …
  • R&D Management. …
  • S&T Human Resource Development. …
  • S&T Promotion.

What did the government established to strengthen the science programs in the Philippines?

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by strengthening its research and development initiatives in creating innovation ecosystems that will fuel inclusive growth.

What are development programs?

Management and development programs are designed to help small businesses make maximum use of their staff by providing them with the skills, training and resources necessary to move into higher level positions within the company.

What are the development of science and technology in the Philippines?

The colonization of the Philippines contributed to growth of science and technology in the archipelago. The Spanish introduced formal education and founded scientific institution. Later the Spanish established colleges and universities in the archipelago including the University of Santo Tomas.