What are the two categories of Lao musical ensemble?

What are the categories of Lao music?


Styles of music found in Laos include classical court music, hill tribe music, mor lam (see Thailand), Thai luk thung (see Thailand), sakorn (syrupy sentimental pop music). Music from Thailand is also popular. Laos is dominated by the Lao but includes minorities of Hmong, Mien, Kmhmu, among many others.

What is Sep Nyai and Sep Noi?

The Sep Nyai is ceremonial and consists of two sets of gongs (kong vong), a xylophone (lanat), an oboe (pei or salai), two kettle-drums, and cymbals (xing). The Sep Noi is more relaxed and popular in feel and includes two bowed string instruments, the So U and the So I.

What are the two categories of Lao musical ensemble?

The Lao classical orchestra can be divided into two categories, Sep Nyai and Sep Noi (or Mahori).

What classification is ching?

Classification. Percussion (idiophone) The ching (Khmer: ឈឹង; Thai: ฉิ่ง, IPA: [tɕʰìŋ]; sometimes romanized as chhing) are small bowl-shaped finger cymbals of thick and heavy bronze, with a broad rim commonly used in Cambodia and Thailand. They are made of an alloy (mixture of iron, copper, and gold) mixed with bronze.

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What is the musical ensemble of Vietnam?

The music in Vietnam spans imperial, ceremonial, folk, hip hop, and rock music. … Musicians at the Labor Cultural Palace perform music on the zither in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). The zither is used as a solo instrument, as part of an ensemble or as an accompaniment to vocal performances.

What is the music ensemble of Malaysia?

In East Malaysia, gong-based musical ensemble such as agung and kulintang are commonly used in ceremonies such as funerals and weddings. These ensembles are also common in neighbouring regions such as in the southern Philippines, Kalimantan in Indonesia and Brunei.

What are the 3 primary instrumental ensembles in Thailand?

Ensembles. Today, three types of ensemble perform Thai classical music, namely Khrueang Sai, Piphat, and Mahori ensemble.

What is the folk song from Thailand answer?

Mor Lam. Mor lam is the dominant folk music of Thailand’s north-eastern Isan region, which has a mainly Lao population. It has much in common with luk thung, such as its focus on the life of the rural poor. It is characterized by rapid-fire, rhythmic vocals and a funk feel to the percussion.