What do people wear in Vietnam in the summer?

What clothes to pack for Vietnam in July?

Summer (May – July): Summer would be great if you love the heat and the sun. Any kind of T-shirt, tank tops, and shorts will be fine. However, if you want to walk for a long time, try to wear long cotton pants and a light long-sleeve jacket to avoid the sun.

Can you wear jeans in Vietnam?


Vietnamese today basically wear a casual t-shirt, dress, jeans, or shorts – just like everyone. Although it does make some of them uncomfortable to see someone who is wearing very revealing clothing especially in the smaller villages.

Can you wear jewelry in Vietnam?

Avoid revealing clothing.

Do not wear big jewelry, Vietnamese consider flaunting wealth in public to be impolite. Avoid short skirts, shorts, and dresses, as well as bare shoulders.

Is July a good time to visit Vietnam?

Visiting Vietnam in July

Temperatures reach their peak in the north and the central coast is a searing 31ºC, on average. But if you don’t mind a roasting, it’s still a good month to hit the beaches, as there are still plenty of clear days, and the rain offsets some of the heat.

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