What does the Indonesian Constitution say?

What type of constitution does Indonesia have?

Constitution of Indonesia

1945 State Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia
System Unitary Republic
Branches 3
Head of state President
Chambers MPR, consisting of DPR and DPD

How is the constitution changed in Indonesia?

It has since been changed by replacement three times. The first was when the unitary state changed to federal system in 1949. The second was when the form of state returned to a unitary system with the promulgation of the Provisional Constitution of 1950.

Is there freedom of religion in Indonesia?

The Indonesian constitution provides some degree of freedom of religion. The government generally respects religious freedom for the six officially recognized religions (Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism) and/or folks religion.

How many years maximum that the president in Indonesia can become the president based on the Uud?

Since 2004, the president and vice president are directly elected to a five-year term, once renewable, allowing for a maximum of 10 years in office.

What was the context of the 1935 Constitution?

The 1935 Constitution provided the legal basis of the Commonwealth Government which was considered a transition government before the granting of the Philippine independence with American-inspired constitution; the Philippine government would eventually pattern its government system after American government.

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What happens to Christians in Indonesia?

On Friday, November 27, a jihadi attack took place against Christians in Sulawesi, one of Indonesia’s largest islands. Four members of the same Christian family have been found murdered, some of them beheaded. …

Is it illegal to be an atheist in Indonesia?

There is, however, no legal provision in Indonesia that specifically prohibits atheism. As the Constitutional Court made clear in its decision on the 1965 Blasphemy Law, a person may not be punished for his or her personal beliefs or thoughts, because they occur in the private realm (forum internum).

Is Christianity allowed in Indonesia?

The Indonesian government officially recognizes two main divisions of Christianity in Indonesia, namely Protestantism and the Catholic Church. Protestants make up about 70% of all Christians in Indonesia, and Catholics constitute 30% of all Christians in Indonesia.